Measured by Internet use, iPad has no competition

The iPad (s aapl) dominates tablet Internet traffic, according to a new comScore study. (s scor) Apple’s slate accounts for a whopping 97.2 percent of all tablet data use in the U.S. in August. So, despite any ground lost to Android (s goog) or other tablets in sales, the iPad remains the device tablet users prefer for accessing mobile data services.

That means that for online content producers, publishers and advertisers, developing connected experiences for tablets still very much means targeting iPads. Cross-platform solutions are still wise from the perspective of anticipating what the market could look like in five years, but in the meantime, you won’t leave a lot of opportunity of the table if you go iPad-only. I’m sure the iPad’s power as a connected device had plenty to do with Monday’s debut of Facebook’s iPad-specific app design, for example.

Apple’s iOS also dominates the mobile space in general in terms of device share in use, with 43.1 percent of total. Android, despite having a considerable edge on iOS in the overall smartphone market, lags with 34.1 percent of device usage. That’s probably at least in part attributable to Apple’s iPad advantage. RIM (s rimm) comes in a distant third with 15.4 percent of the overall installed base.

Apple’s lead when it comes to digital traffic for non-PC devices is even more pronounced. IOS accounts for 58.5 percent of non-computer traffic (as measured by browser-based page views), while Android has only 31.9 percent. RIM lags even farther behind, with just 5.0 percent. This suggests Apple’s mobile device users, both iPad and otherwise, are the most voracious consumers of Internet-based content by far. That’s a good indication that despite the App Store’s success, web-based products can still also find an audience on the platform. With improvements to mobile Safari set to arrive in iOS 5 on Wednesday, I doubt we’ll see that trend change in the near future.