Crikey! Australian Court Deals Samsung’s Tablet Yet Another Setback

Samsung continues to encounter legal setbacks around the world, with the latest coming Down Under in its battle against Apple (NSDQ: AAPL). An Australian court has upheld an injunction against the company that will bar it from selling the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in that country.

Such an injunction looked like a distinct possibility following the breakdown of talks between Samsung and Apple over the Galaxy Tab, which has also faced legal challenges in Europe instigated by Apple. According to the Wall Street Journal, Justice Annabelle Bennett ruled that unless Samsung modifies parts of the Galaxy Tab that have been disputed on patent-related grounds, it can’t sell the tablet in that country during the most important three months of the consumer electronics year.

Samsung might be able to modify certain features to get around the restrictions, but that’s far from clear. It’s looking more and more likely that Samsung may have to cut some sort of deal with Apple to prevent further damage, but it has already been rebuffed once by the company that is dominating the tablet market.