Find My Friends, AirPort Utility now live ahead of iOS 5

Apple’s iOS 5 (s aapl) and iCloud are set to arrive for the general public later Wednesday, but Find My Friends and AirPort Utility, two new apps for iOS 5, have arrived a little early. Find My Friends is now available through the App Store, but you can’t get it by searching there directly. Instead, you have to log in with iCloud credentials at on your device, where you’ll be prompted to install the app or visit the link above. You also have to be running iOS 5 to use it.

Some non-developer users have already been able to get access to, but don’t worry if you can’t yet. Once iOS 5 is available, you can sign up directly from your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad running the new software. If you do have access, you can peek at the Find My Friends app a little early.

So far, there’s not much to do on the app, besides make your location available for others to view. If you have friends using iCloud already, you can request to see their location via email using an in-app tool. Once the iOS 5 update gets rolling, Find My Friends should get a little more populated.

AirPort Utility also isn’t yet listed directly on the App Store. Instead, if you’re running iOS 5 and you go to Settings > Wi-FI, you’ll see a new button that lets you “Manage This Network” (if you’re using an AirPort network) and that button will take you to the download in the App Store.

We’ll have hands-on looks at both these new apps (which are universal, so they’re designed for both iPhone and iPad) from Apple when iOS 5 goes live for all, which should happen sometime around 10 a.m. PDT.