iTunes in the Cloud goes international

One part of Apple’s iCloud(s aapl) service that went live originally back in June is “iTunes in the Cloud.” This lets you automatically or manually download new books, apps or songs purchased with your iTunes account on one device to any other device on which that account is signed in. Originally, music wasn’t included in the mix for users outside the U.S. Now it is.

Depending on where you live, you should now be able to see Music listed in the Store section of your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch’s under “Automatic Downloads.” Also, you can find a “Purchased” tab in the iTunes Store on iOS devices, with a list of all the tracks you’ve bought through iTunes with your ID. Each of these can then be downloaded to your device by tapping the cloud icon next to the album or track name.

So far, MacRumors is reporting that users in the U.K. and Canada are seeing these features go live. I can personally vouch for them now being available to Canadian users. Any other international readers care to weigh in on “iTunes in the Cloud” availability in your neck of the woods?