Internet of things will have 24 billion devices by 2020

As we mentioned earlier this week, there are 9 billion connected devices at present, and by 2020, that number is going to explode to 24 billion devices, according to new statistics released by GSMA, the global mobile industry trade group. The total number of mobile connected devices will double from 6 billion today to 12 billion by 2020, GSMA says. This explosive growth will support an addressable revenue opportunity for mobile operators of nearly $1.2 trillion by 2020, a sevenfold increase from expected revenues in 2011.

What does this Internet of things really mean? More connected televisions, cars, DVD players, photo frames and of course tablets and smartphones. This is a profound shift, and its implications are going to have an impact on every aspect of our society. We are going to be discussing the impact of this “connectedness” with the folks who are inventing this connected future — folks like Twitter’s Jack Dorsey — at our upcoming conference, RoadMap, scheduled to be held on Nov. 10 in San Francisco.

Check out the GSMA’s data on connected devices in this infographic: