iOS 5 and iCloud: Your questions answered

Earlier today, I guest-hosted a live question and answer session at The Washington Post. The topic was whether or not to upgrade to iOS 5(s aapl). Considering how much trouble Apple has had even keeping the update process working for users, it’s probably a question on a lot of minds right now.

I advise you to check out the full Q&A before making that decision, but basically you should keep in mind that if there’s no reason for you to upgrade urgently, waiting for major software updates to go through a bug-busting minor point update or two is always a good idea.

Questions posed at the Post event covered lots of ground beyond just the iOS 5 upgrade process; many wondered how iCloud and Apple IDs interact on the same device, and how certain features of iOS 5 and iCloud worked. Hopefully, our coverage over the past few days has answered many of your questions, but if not, the Washington Post Q&A is a good place to start.

If you have unanswered questions not addressed there, feel free to ask in the comments here. Hopefully, either myself, another TAB writer, or other readers can help resolve your problem or satisfy your curiosity, either with a simple reply or in a separate post.