MIT/Stanford Venture Lab presents: terminator vision — augmented reality unplugged

With a market size projected to reach $1.5 billion by 2015, leading brands such as Intel, Qualcomm and Nvidia are investing in augmented reality (AR) applications in gaming, advertising and e-commerce. Entrepreneurs and investors alike are evaluating the most profitable AR use cases, predicting how they will merge together to create physical world experiences alive with virtual world environments.

According to Juniper Research, enterprise apps with AR elements are expected to account for the third-largest proportion of revenues by 2015, second only to location-based search and games. The rise of the tablet and smartphone, with powerful 3D, 4G and high-res cameras, combined with significant advances in computer vision, are finally unleashing the full power of augmented reality.

Successes in big-brand AR projects by Adidas, Starbucks, BMW and Boeing have proven the link between dynamic consumer experiences and direct product sales. Prominently downloaded mobile applications such as Paranormal Activity by Ogmento, Star Walk by Vito Technology and Lego’s recent AR project (which runs on the second-gen Sandy Bridge Intel processor) demonstrate the demand for AR experiences by the mass market.

  • How will these developments change the game for retailers, advertisers, teachers and game developers?
  • Which monetization models will be most successful?
  • When will we see mainstream use of AR goggles and contact lenses?

Please join us on Oct. 18 to discover how entrepreneurs and big brands are leveraging new augmented reality technologies, as well as what investors are looking to support. Register now, as tickets are going fast!