Instapaper 4.0 Adds Wikipedia, Tablet-Friendly Design To News Reader App

Marco Arment, the developer behind Instapaper and mobile tech blogger, has released an updated mobile version of his content-discovery and archiving tool. The new Instapaper 4.0 now has a iPad-friendly design and adds hooks into Wikipedia for researching unfamiliar topics that crop up in one’s reading.

Instapaper is a combination of a bookmark for Web browsers that allows you to save articles discovered on the Web to a central repository and mobile applications that can retrieve those articles for later reading. It’s one of many mobile applications that is trying to blend online news discovery with offline reading on a mobile device.

With the new release, Arment made the reading interface more suitable for the screen real estate afforded by the iPad, he said in a blog post. In addition to the aforementioned Wikipedia links, Instapaper also now syncs directly with the folks behind Give Me Something To Read, providing a selection of new content curated by editors beyond articles you’ve saved yourself and articles discovered through social feeds linked to Instapaper.

The app costs $4.99, and separate iPhone and iPad apps are available.