NoSQL for big data in the enterprise

While large consumer web companies like Google and Facebook pioneered the adoption of NoSQL to handle their big data, the focus today is on companies commercializing big data tools for the enterprise. Not only does the enterprise represent the biggest overall IT market, but enterprises large and small are grappling with an explosion of data from a variety of sources such as online, mobile and machine data. Enterprise CIOs are increasingly looking at what NoSQL and big data technologies they should use, whether open source is a viable option and how to best integrate these offerings within a large and highly complex IT environment.

In this analyst roundtable discussion, we’ll cover:

  • NoSQL readiness for the enterprise. What is on the horizon for NoSQL?
  • Case studies of companies that are utilizing big data and NoSQL technology in the business world
  • Biggest challenges of incorporating big data and NoSQL into complex IT environments
  • How to understand whether your enterprise is ready for NoSQL

Our panel of experts includes:

Michael Wolf, Vice President of Research, GigaOM Pro — Moderator
Derrick Harris, Infrastructure Curator, GigaOM Pro
George Gilbert, Partner, TechAlpha
Billy Bosworth, CEO, DataStax

This free analyst roundtable webinar, hosted by GigaOM Pro and our sponsor DataStax, will take place on Oct. 19 at 1 p.m. PDT. Register today to claim your spot.