Today in Social

More action on the digital music front. Google confirmed it’s doing something. “With a twist,” whatever that means. The write-ups call it a store, but what’s so hard about building a catalog of MP3s these days? I still think Google’s rights clearing difficulties are more around creating a service that looks like Apple’s forthcoming iTunes Match service. The French music streaming service Deezer, that has mobile distribution deals with big European carriers, sketches out its plans for world domination sans the U.S. market. And Pandora’s co-founder talks about replacing terrestrial radio and co-existing with on-demand services. I think Pandora’s a real disruptor, and I’ll be having a fireside chat with its CTO at the November 10 GigaOM RoadMap event. GigaOM Pro subscribers get a 25 percent discount to the conference, so I’ll look for you there.