Quick tip: Disable Siri from the lock screen

Media reports are making a big deal about Siri (s aapl) being accessible from a locked device. And it’s true that if you have your iPhone 4S passcode locked, you probably want to keep your info to yourself, not accessible to anyone via voice command. Don’t fret, there’s a simple — albeit somewhat oddly placed — setting to make sure Siri doesn’t give up your info.

The setting to turn off Siri when an iPhone is passcode-locked isn’t found in the dedicated Siri settings, where you might expect to see it. Instead, head to the iPhone’s Settings app, the go to General > Passcode Lock. Here, under the setting to choose whether or not to use a simple 4-digit passcode, you’ll see an option called “Siri” next to an on/off slider. As the screen itself says, this tells your phone whether or not to allow access to Siri when your phone is passcode-locked.

Note that you must have a passcode active on your device. Siri is always active from the lock screen on devices without passcodes, which makes sense, since your info isn’t protected anyway in that case.

As a bonus, you can also choose to put Siri behind a parental code lock if you choose. Do this in the Settings > General > Restrictions section, once you’ve enabled restrictions. You can choose to lock Siri out altogether, or just lock out its ability to display profanity and explicit language in the Siri interface screens.

If it garners enough negative attention, we might see Apple make Siri inactive from a passcode-locked device by default with the next iOS update, but in the meantime, following the steps above keeps you covered.