Apple updates MacBook Pros with better processors, graphics

On Monday, Apple introduced new MacBook Pro updates to its online store without much fanfare. The new Pro notebooks all carry improved processors, as well as better graphics cards and storage options in some cases.

Entry-level 13-inch MacBook Pros now have 2.4 GHz and 2.8 GHz Intel Core i5(s intc) or i7 processors, depending on which base configuration you choose, and each have more storage by default, with 500 GB in the entry-level model and 750 in the higher-end version, vs 320 and 500 before the update.

The 15-inch Pros have faster versions of the quad-core Intel Core i7 chips that power them, and the option to upgrade to a 2.5 GHz option has been added to the computer’s customization selections. Apple has also upgraded the graphics card options, making the more powerful Radeon HD 6750M (s amd) standard for the base 15-inch, with 512 MB of dedicated memory, and introduced the Radeon HD 6770M with 1 GB of dedicated memory for the more expensive option.

Finally, the 17-inch MBP now has a 2.4 GHz, quad-core i7 processor, with an option to upgrade to a 2.5 GHz chip. The Radeon 6770M is now the standard graphics card option, with 1 GB of dedicated memory. Also, you can now upgrade your custom drive on the 17-inch to a 750 GB 7200-rpm model.

This is actually a very modest update overall, and Apple clearly thinks so too, since there’s no mention of the changes on the company landing page, and no “new” badge on the MacBook Pro category in the Apple Store home page, either. Still, if you were holding out on a MacBook Pro purchase pending updates, this is probably the best you can expect for at least another four to six months. We’ll likely see benchmarks soon that show just how much the under-the-hood changes affect performance.