Google eyeing fiber network for Europe

A Google (s goog) executive said the search giant is pondering a fiber network in Europe, perhaps based on its experience building out a gigabit fiber to the home network in the U.S. Google’s dedication to better infrastructure is essential to the success of many of its lines of business, and it seeks to understand what people and businesses will do with more bandwidth.

As for Europe, Marketwatch is reporting that David Drummond, a senior vice president said the search giant was interested in building out a fiber network across the pond. From Marketwatch:

During a meeting at the French Industry Ministry, Drummond said that Google was “looking very closely” at a potential project in Europe, without specifying where this project would be launched or when.

The story is short on details, but Google’s fiber efforts in the U.S. are both an attempt to understand the applications of tomorrow, but also to provide a new business and cost model for fiber deployments that could perhaps force ISPs into offering faster or cheaper services. Europe has some of the most advanced broadband countries, with places such as The Netherlands and portions of Scandinavia deploying fiber to the home. But it also has ISPs that filter content on behalf of copyright holders and those that seek to get providers like Google to pay for the privilege of accessing the end consumer.

If Google can shake things up in the U.S., it makes sense that it would look to disrupt the markets overseas.