Minerva Networks unveils next-gen IPTV software

Minerva Network builds software for operators that want to roll out TV service over IP networks. That includes those that want to augment traditional TV services with on-demand IP video, as well as ISPs who are looking to build out greenfield video deployments without investing heavily in traditional TV infrastructure.

The xTVFusion 5 platform is designed with that latter case in mind, and was created specifically to enable live and on-demand video services to be deployed over low- and high-bandwidth IP networks. Specifically that will enable new entrants to take advantage of their existing networks to roll out new services.

For customers with high-bandwidth connections, Minerva’s platform lets carriers deliver IPTV services including whole-home DVR, remote scheduling, and blended pay TV and over-the-top video capabilities. That lowers the requirement for ISPs to add new video service options to their customers.

More importantly, xTVFusion 5 can also be used for networks with as little bandwidth as 5Mbps, over which ISPs can still offer broadband TV services. That means ISPs offering DSL services — and even those running some high-powered LTE 4G mobile networks — should be able to launch streaming TV services over those networks, Minerva Networks CEO Mauro Bonomi told us in a phone interview.

Today, its average ISP partner can only reach about 20 percent of its customer base with IPTV services due to bandwidth constraints. But the new offering can expand that availability to up to 80 percent of its customers, Bonomi said.

The combination of IP connectivity and new managed networks could create interesting new business models for ISPs looking to boost sales and add new services. Take Sonic.net, for instance: the broadband provider has filed a video franchise application with the California Public Utilities Commission, and is expected to launch a low-cost streaming TV offering over its existing network. With technology like xTVFusion 5, more ISPs could follow suit.