RIM’s pain could be Apple’s enterprise gain

A new survey of business professionals out of the U.K. reveals that RIM’s (s rimm) recent network problems could work out very well for enterprise adoption of Apple’s iPhone(s aapl). A survey of 500 professionals in various industries conducted by office space locator Officebroker.com revealed a lot of individuals interested in jumping ship and Apple’s platform as the life raft of choice.

Forty percent of respondents indicated a desire to take flight from the beleaguered RIM, which recently unveiled its next-generation BBX (the name of which itself is under fire) platform for smartphone devices. Of that group, 64 percent said the iPhone was the device they’d switch to. Just under a quarter indicated they’d consider switching to Android(s goog), and a distant 5 percent said a Windows(s msft) Mobile handset would be their next phone of choice.

That’s no surprise, since iPhones, along with iPads, are still far and away the preferred mobile devices in terms of new enterprise activations, as a recent report affirms. The media attention and early sales success of the iPhone 4S probably also have a lot to do with Apple’s mobile devices being at the fore of consumer minds, and the addition of iMessage in iOS 5 provides a handy BBM replacement for RIM fans to slide into.

RIM is also facing a huge transition that will be a challenge for the company as it adopts BBX. BBX will require new apps (it’s QNX-based, like the PlayBook OS) and users of current-gen BB OS 7 devices likely won’t be able to upgrade. While RIM makes the jump from its old platform to the new, Apple will have a good opportunity to win over even more enterprise users to the iPhone and to iOS.