Today in Cloud

Earlier this month, OpenStack guardian angel Rackspace announced its intention to slacken the reins a little, and let OpenStack stand (or fall) under the guidance of a new Foundation. Today, another cloudy project with ‘open’ in its name and a strong corporate driver got the same treatment as Facebook announced the new Open Compute Foundation. In both cases, the drive and focus of corporate interests (and NASA) got the projects off the ground well embedded in the community’s consciousness. There is certainly no suggestion that those corporate interests were beginning to skew things in the wrong direction, but Rackspace in particular came in for some criticism regarding its degree of control over OpenStack decision making. By spinning off foundations, the companies that started these initiatives should still reap the benefits, whilst making it easier for others to join the party… and harder for trolls to snipe from the sidelines. The question, in each case, is whether the projects have reached sufficient maturity to be able to stand on their own and continue moving forward.