Introducing GigaOM RoadMap: the future of connectivity is here

Here at GigaOM HQ, we’re gearing up for our inaugural GigaOM RoadMap Conference on Nov. 10. Over the course of the one-day event, we’re featuring 20 innovators who are shaping the world of the connected consumer and reinventing business as we know it. Our analysts and writers (and, of course, our fearless leader, Om Malik) will take the stage with Jack Dorsey (Twitter, Square), Drew Houston (Dropbox), Matt MacInnis (Inkling) and dozens of others to talk about the year’s most significant ideas and discuss what’s next on the horizon.

For the full lineup of speakers and registration details, check out our newly revamped event site.

Why we’re excited

Om said it best: “Constant connectedness will profoundly change how we think, live, create and consume.”

GigaOM RoadMap will highlight the most significant ideas and opportunities in a world where everything is connected: data, the web, peer-to-peer sharing services, health care devices and vehicles. In fact, GigaOM RoadMap attendees will get a chance to crawl inside a Beta version of Tesla’s Model S beta electric car and try out the dashboard and 17-inch Wi-Fi-enabled center touchscreen.

Why you should be excited

1. Meet the next generation. Get to know the next wave of influential technology leaders who are shaping the future of connectivity and business.

2. Find out what the future holds. Learn about the most significant trends in consumer connectedness unfolding over the next 12–18 months — trends that affect you and your industry.

3. Go deep and wide. GigaOM Pro analysts will present 10-minute overviews of the hottest sectors for the connected consumer, with key trends, indicators and opportunities to watch.

4. Raise your profile. Meet over 70 top-tier press, including our own GigaOM editors and GigaOM Pro research analysts.

5. Get face time. Real business happens between sessions and after hours. We help you get deals done by attracting the best and brightest in digital media, mobile, cloud, venture capital and the startup community.

6. Chat with the GigaOM Pro team. GigaOM Pro loves its readers and conference attendees. Visit the GigaOM Pro booth for snacks and chats with our team. Say hi to our new community manager, Connie Hwong, and she’ll register you to win a free Pro renewal subscription and other GigaOM Pro goodies.

Ready to jump in? Register here.

Remember to follow @GigaOMRoadMap to stay on top of the latest conference news. See you at GigaOM RoadMap!