Urban Airship Snaps Up SimpleGeo, Adding Location To Mobile Dev Services

Two startups hoping to be at the center of a shift in development priorities to mobile are joining forces. Urban Airship, which provides notification services for mobile app developers, has acquired SimpleGeo for an undisclosed amount.

SimpleGeo helps mobile developers incorporate location-aware services into their apps, and the two companies have been working together for some time. In a blog post, Urban Airship CEO Scott Kveton laid out the plan for the combined company: to provide mobile developers with almost all of the behind-the-scenes tools they need to make their apps more interactive and in touch with the rest of the world, incorporating things like the push-notification systems that Urban Airship is probably best known for as well as mobile commerce tools.

It’s not clear how profitable a business we’re talking about here: Michael Arrington reported that the deal was worth just $3.5 million. But it does seem plausible that the companies are stronger together than they are separately, given that developers probably don’t want to piece together these services from multiple vendors.