Yahoo’s IntoNow comes to the iPad with more social perks

Fully 88 percent of people who own tablets such as the iPad(s AAPL) say they use them at the same time that they’re watching TV, according to research released last month by Nielsen. (s NLSN) Now Yahoo (s YHOO) is keen to make the most out of that trend.

Yahoo debuted an iPad version of its social TV mobile app IntoNow on Tuesday. As we’ve written before, IntoNow launched early this year as a smartphone app that allows users to “check in” to the TV shows they’re watching and interact with friends about the content; the app also lets users “unlock” special content and freebies if they check into certain TV commercials they watch. Yahoo subsequently acquired IntoNow in April in a deal worth some $20 million.

IntoNow for the iPad also has some interesting social media features, bringing in relevant content from Twitter and news sites that complements the TV programming a user is currently checked into. For example, if a user checks into a CNN (s txw) program about politics, the IntoNow iPad app will begin to populate her feed with the latest political news from various online sources. If a user checks in to a particular football game, in addition to news and Tweets about the game, Yahoo’s stat tracker will be pulled up so she can immediately see details such as the score, how many yards a particular quarterback has thrown for, and so on.

The IntoNow app for smartphones is already pretty popular — Yahoo claims it has more than 1.6 million downloads on Android (s GOOG) and iPhone — so the iPad launch could prove to be a strong move. Similar apps such as and Shazam are already on the iPad, so IntoNow is not without competition. But Yahoo does have years worth of relationships with big media companies and advertisers, so IntoNow is well-positioned for success in the space.

Here are a couple screenshots of IntoNow for the iPad (click to enlarge):