@ pcE11: Google TV Is Not A ‘Cord-Cutting’ Product

Google (NSDQ: GOOG) does not expect Google TV users to cancel their cable, claimed Google VP product development Mario Queiroz in a conversation with paidContent’s Staci D. Kramer.
Some content–like Hulu–is blocked on Google TV, but Queiroz said that shouldn’t be a problem for users: “We assume you have access to all of that content live or through your DVR.” And, he said, focus on blocked content “misses the point [because] there’s a lot of content you can access–more than 80,000 film titles and TV episodes in addition to live TV.” The bigger problem and Google’s main focus, he said, is users’ ability to discover content.
Discoverability is a lesson learned between the first iteration of Google TV, released last year–a product many users found disappointing–and the new update released on October 31, said Queiroz. “Search is interesting for the viewer but often people don’t know what they want to watch. We have a new TV and movies app that helps users find content across the Web.”
Other lessons learned since last year: Google aimed to make the user experience in the living room easier. The company noticed that many people were using YouTube on their TVs, so it beefed up Google TV’s YouTube app in recognition of that. And Google opened up an Android app market on Google TV, seeded it with about 50 apps to start and hopes to provide a “door into the living room for content owners and for developers large and small to bring their content to television.”
Queiroz sidestepped Kramer’s question about how Google plans to make money from Google TV. The company is focusing on user experience first, he said, as it did in the development of its mobile platform–and monetization can come later.