Today in Cloud

A $3 or $4 million investment may not sound like much in a market that has seen a flurry of far larger investments and acquisitions in recent months. But Minneapolis-based enStratus has been on a roll recently, hiring very visible proponents of cloud computing such as James Urquhart and John Willis. The $3.5 million (with another $1 million to come, according to Ben Kepes) is simply the latest piece of the story. The cloud management niche within which enStratus operates is an important one, but it remains to be seen whether it’s a market segment in which you can survive, thrive and grow as an independent. GigaOM Pro contributors Kepes and Krishnan Subramanian are amongst those suggesting that enStratus may be acquired sooner rather than later. Will it be Citrix, or VMware, or is a surprise suitor lurking in the wings?