Vevo partners with Chill for group chat

Ever wanted to watch Katy Perry videos with Katy Perry herself? Vevo users now have the ability to do so, thanks to a new group chat functionality that the music video provider launched on Monday in cooperation with Chill. Vevo Rooms, as the new feature is called, gives users access to a experience around the music videos of key Vevo artists like Snoop Dogg, Lil Wayne and, yes, Katy Perry.
Vevo called this first effort to bring the alive web to Vevo a “test run,” and said that the artists chosen will be actively involved. From the announcement blog post:

The best part? There’s a good chance that the artists themselves will drop in from time to time. Maybe announced, maybe not. It would be pretty cool to check a Snoop video and chat with the big Dogg himself at the same time. The more you hang out, the better your chances are.

Chill launched in August as a an offshoot of social conversation site Namesake, and it has clearly taken a few hints from the real-time collaborative music platform Users get cute comic avatars and can collectively program video playlists together.
The site isn’t exclusively focused on music videos, and in the past it has been used to stream live videos from events like TechCrunch Disrupt. However, hanging out together and watching music videos seems like a natural fit, and Snoop Dogg has actually been active on the site even before the partnership with Vevo was announced.
Learn more about the future of the alive web at the GigaOM RoadMap conference this week in San Francisco.