Cloud computing in Asia: 4 live events

The Asia market represents a fast-growing opportunity for cloud computing services and enterprises. Join us for one of four half-day events across the U.S. Read more or register here. This half-day session will cover:
Panel A: Asia cloud go-to-market: developing Asia cloud strategies
This panel will explore how cloud product vendors and cloud service providers can develop a well-thought market entry strategy into the complex but highly dynamic and fast-growing Asia market.
Panel B: the Asia enterprise: utilizing the cloud for enterprise operations in Asia
This panel will examine strategies for utilizing cloud platforms and services for large enterprises operating in the Asia market. We will discuss whether to use in-market U.S. or other non-Asia partners (or both), how to integrate your Asia cloud operations with your global IT infrastructure and examine case studies for how large Fortune 1000 companies utilized cloud computing to grow their businesses in Asia.

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Nov. 14 — New York, NY
Nov. 15 — Reston, VA
Nov. 16 — Chicago, IL
Nov. 18 — San Jose, CA