The developer’s guide to email deliverability

If you rely on email to communicate with your customers, then you need to know about one of the biggest issues facing developers today — email delivery failures. This means that the email confirmations, shipping notices, privacy updates and friend requests being deployed though your systems are not reaching your customers. In fact, 20 percent of commercial email never reaches the inbox, resulting in poor customer experiences, loss of revenue and lack of trust amongst your user base.
However, online businesses can take steps to make sure their emails get to the inbox. SendGrid, a leader in email delivery, now offers solutions in its comprehensive, new deliverability guide. Written specifically for developers, the email experts at SendGrid outline the key factors affecting deliverability — reputation, infrastructure, authentication, monitoring and content — and offer best practices to address them to get your email delivered.
Make sure your emails are not part of the 20 percent. Download SendGrid’s deliverability guide for developers today.