Coffee shop denizens reveal their top pet peeves

You’re a digital nomad, a remote worker, a freelancer around town. Which means you probably spend a fair amount of time toting your laptop to coffee shops. Sure the caffeine is flowing and the seating comfy, but the experience of working out of the local café isn’t without its annoyances.
Which is why WorkSnug, which helps mobile workers find the best available work spaces near them, launched their ‘Coffee Shop Code of Conduct.’ Holding out the prize of 10 new smartphones and headsets for the most popular ideas, WorkSnug solicited coffeehouse denizens to offer up their top coffee shop pet peeves and vote on others’ suggestions. More than 6,000 heeded the call to complain (and hopefully help shape up the behavior of the digital nomad community).
We encouraged you to gripe about your top annoyances, now we’re reporting the results, presented in a handy infographic by WorkSnug:

Which coffee house sin is the worst in your book? The most frequently committed?
Image courtesy of Flickr user LOLren.