Foodily goes mobile with a yummy new iPhone app

Foodily, the website that lets you find recipes and share them with your Facebook friends, has launched its first-ever mobile app with an offering for the iPhone (s AAPL).
I met with Foodily’s CEO, Andrea Cutright, this week to try out the new app, and overall it’s pretty nifty. A big benefit that’s new to Foodily’s iPhone version is the ability for users to take photos of their latest culinary creations and post them along with the recipe. The app includes a cool “Yummify” feature, a photo filter aimed at enhancing each image to look more like a professional high-quality food photo.

Foodily for iPhone (click to enlarge)

Also, since Foodily is one of the first companies participating in the rollout of Facebook’s new open graph and Timeline features, users’ iPhone app activity will be able to go right to their Facebook Timelines once they switch to the new interface. In the future, Foodily plans to roll out native apps for the iPad as well as Android (s GOOG), Cutright said.
At just eight months old, Foodily is already popular: Cutright says more than 2 million recipes are “touched” on the site every month — but coming to mobile could amp up its existing user engagement and provide for wider-scale adoption. Lots of people search for recipes while they are out grocery shopping, and I personally usually load recipes onto my phone for quick reference while I’m cooking. The new Foodily app would be perfect for such situations. Also, checking out your friends’ recent cooking activities is a good pastime, and the app will obviously let people do that while they’re out and about.
Foodily was founded in 2010 and is backed with $5 million from investors including Index Ventures. The company currently has seven full-time employees, and right now, it does not make any money. In the future, Cutright says, it will probably collect revenue by offering personalized deals and coupons targeted to users’ tastes based on their Foodily activity. But those plans are not the company’s focus at the moment, she says: “We care a lot about getting the experience really right first.”
Here are a couple more screen shots of Foodily for iPhone (click to enlarge):