Los Angeles Times Starts Publishing E-Books

The Los Angeles Times will publish up to ten e-books over the next year, beginning with the $0.99 A Nightmare Made Real, which is available now.
In A Nightmare Made Real, staff writer Christopher Goffard, expands on his coverage earlier this year of Louis Gonzalez III, a Las Vegas banker accused of the kidnapping, sexual assault and torture of his child’s mother. The e-book includes new material, “including more detailed portraits of the investigating detective and the defense team, and a deeper look at the alleged “suicide note” that emerged at a pivotal moment in the case. In addition, Goffard provides an account of how the story started with an unlikely tip and grew into a narrative.”
The next book will likely be a collection of holiday cookie recipes. Through 2012, the LA Times will release a range of e-books, both e-singles and longer titles, including photo-driven narratives and spin-offs of real-time news events. Prices are expected to range from $0.99 to $19.99. VP of communications Nancy Sullivan told me the paper will test pricing models, possibly including e-books as subscription incentives or creating “presented by” opportunities.
The e-books are available on Kindle, Nook and the iBookstore and are collected at latimes.com/bookstore.
Several other newspapers are also experimenting with e-book publishing, including the Guardian, Boston Globe and Washington Post.