LinkedIn biz card iPhone app CardMunch gets makeover

Back in January 2011, LinkedIn(s LNKD) acquired a startup called CardMunch, a very handy iPhone app (s aapl) which scanned, transcribed and organized business card information. On Tuesday, the company is set to announce a relaunch of the CardMunch iPhone app with a new look and feel.
Over the past several months, LinkedIn says it has rebuilt CardMunch from the ground up to tie it in more wholly with the professional social network. Now, once a person’s business cards are scanned, the CardMunch app will map that information and tie it to his or her LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn puts it this way: “Now you know the person behind the card — the who, what, where and when for every business card you scan.” Indeed, the new app could make first impressions more well-informed than ever.
The company says the rehaul has also made the app simpler and quicker to use. Its user experience now is composed of just three screens: card capture, contact list, contact details and LinkedIn profiles.
CardMunch has always been a cool app, and it made lots of sense as an acquisition for LinkedIn. In addition, LinkedIn says its mobile page views have grown 400 percent year-over-year, so mobile is a hugely strategic place for the company going forward. The new upgrades seem solid, but people can be quite touchy about apps they love, especially ones they use professionally, so it will be interesting to see how people react to the CardMunch facelift.
Here are a couple of screenshots of the new CardMunch for iPhone (click to enlarge):