Slice brings its online shopping organization app to the iPhone

Slice, the web service that organizes all of a user’s online shopping information in one place, has launched its first iPhone(s AAPL) app.
As my colleague Ryan Kim reported back in when the company’s web app first launched under the name “Project Slice,” the service plugs into Gmail (s GOOG) and Yahoo (s YHOO) email accounts and pulls out all a user’s relevant online shopping information — online receipts, shipping notices, return policies and daily deals information — and organizes it all in one place. The new iPhone app, which is totally free to download and use, will let people access their Slice accounts while they’re out and about.
Slice CEO Scott Brady put it this way in the press release accompanying the iPhone app launch:

“With Slice at your fingertips, you’re never left guessing if a package made it or what size dress you bought your daughter last year. Slice for the iPhone is the first and only mobile app that allows you to easily track in-progress shipments and quickly access your purchase history with all your favorite merchants.”

There’s no doubt that Slice is solving first-world problems, but with more people shopping online now than ever before, its offering can be very useful for lots of folks out there. According to the company, Slice has processed information from more than four million purchases since its debut in May.
The move to the iPhone (s AAPL) is of course a smart one, as it’s always helpful to have more information available on a mobile device, especially when it comes to shopping, which is something that’s often done on the go. The Palo Alto, Calif.-based company is backed with $9.4 million in venture capital, so it will certainly be interesting to see what other features and announcements Slice has in the works in the weeks and months ahead.