Key AOL executive Brad Garlinghouse to leave

Brad Garlinghouse, President of the Applications and Commerce Group and head of AOL’s Silicon Valley operations is leaving the beleaguered online service AOL (s AOL), according to multiple sources. Garlinghouse is well known in Silicon Valley as the author of the 2006 Peanut Butter Manifesto that outlined many of the problems with Yahoo (s YHOO).
Various sources inside AOL say that the company is focusing more of its resources on “media” or rather a web media approach championed by the Huffington Post team and less on applications.
We have followed Garlinghouse’s career since his days as an executive for Dialpad, a VoIP service that was eventually acquired by Yahoo. He joined AOL’s west coast operations in 2009 to help revive the company’s fortunes through new applications and new services. AOL is going through internal convulsions and is still trying to stabilize under the leadership of CEO Tim Armstrong.