ClipSync wants to take videos viral, moment by moment

ClipSync has spent the last several years building custom social video experiences for content partners. In that time, it’s built everything from viewing rooms for friends to virtually watch movies together on, to chat rooms for viewers tuning into live video feeds from shows like Big Brother. With the launch of its new product, ClipSync Moments, the startup hopes to take all of the experience it’s gained from work with content partners and productize it.
ClipSync Moments gives viewers the ability to share videos with friends on social networks. But instead of sharing a link to the entire video and having their friends search for the part it refers to, ClipSync attaches comments to a specific moment in time. Once connections on social networks click through a ClipSync Moments link, they’ll be taken to the video moment — and comment — in question. That helpspublishers to achieve a viral effect that can increase viewership of their videos through social sharing.

But the product isn’t just for drawing viewers in from other networks: It can also increase engagement among viewers that choose to watch a video that their friends have already commented on. When choosing such a video, users will be able to see their friends’ comments pop up during the course of the film, and can respond to those comments, adding to the conversation about particular moments.
ClipSync Moments is similar to social sharing implementations that some publishers have already rolled out. Most notably, it’s like Hulu’s Facebook Connect integration, which lets viewers share videos and comments with their Facebook friends, with links pointing to a specific moment in the video when clicked. But by making Moments available to multiple third parties, ClipSync is hoping to standardize the way this sharing happens.
ClipSync has signed up a few of its existing customers as launch partners for the new product. Epix, IFC, (s AMCX) RealNetworks (s RNWK) and Major League Gaming will all introduce ClipSync Moments as part of their online viewing sites. ClipSync CEO Itzik Cohen told us in a phone interview that the company has more customers on tap to take advantage of the product, which will be announced in the coming weeks.