Yipit brings aggregated daily deals to iPhone

Yipit, one of my go-to resources for aggregated daily deals, is now finally avaialble on mobile with a new iPhone app. The app provides users with a mobile version of Yipit’s My Deals feature, which personalizes deal recommendations from its base of more than 800 deal providers and serves up the top handful of offers.
Now users can pull up their personalized deals from their mobile phone. Or they can nearby deals on a map and get real-time updates on them. Users can also get a push notification for deals that are trending in their city. That’s helpful to take advantage of deals that are hot nearby.
Users used to have to go through Yipit’s daily emails or visit Yipit’s website, but the site wasn’t optimized for mobile browsers. If a user likes a deal, they can try to purchase it directly from the deal site, many of which are also not optimized for mobile, or they can email themselves the deal to buy it later from a computer.
Users can also browse for all deals by category not only in their own city but in any of the 100 cities that Yipit covers. That’s helpful for people looking to do some holiday gift buying. Yipit did a survey of its users and found that 90 percent of them want to use Yipit to buy a holiday gift this year, which could be worth $80-100 million in purchases.
Yipit, which has about 400,000 users and has aggregated more than 1 million offers, has become more valuable as a service as more daily deal providers spring up. With more deal providers inundating inboxes with daily emails, it’s just providing more reason to turn to a smart aggregator. The mobile play is a no-brainer for Yipit, which already found that 15 percent of its emails are opened on mobile.
I asked CEO and co-founder Vin Vacanti if Yipit’s mobile app will some day feature instant deals like Groupon Now (s grpn). He said Yipit’s eventual goal is to provide¬†access to all local promotions happening around their users, which suggests that real-time deals may not be far off. That would be big for Yipit and for providers like Groupon and Living Social, which are turning to more instant deals to help merchants manage their excess inventory. But first, Yipit will need to expand to other mobile platforms, with Android coming “soon.”