HipGeo wants to add location tracking everywhere

Last month I reviewed HipGeo, an iPhone (s aapl) app that passively tracks your location and can easily turn your trips into travel diaries. On Thursday, the company plans to release its first public API and location widgets so that any application or website can mimic some of HipGeo’s geo-location features.
What HipGeo does really well is link all of your activities together: where you where, when you were there, and what photos you took. The API lets developers easily add this ability to their site without having to build any of that functionality themselves.
In a press release, CEO Scott Daniel said, “We give developers the ability to add a ‘where’ to their ‘when’ without having to build the technology on their own. Our API lets developers know where a person was at a given time, and our WHERE widget is as simple to add to a page as a Twitter button.”
HipGeo is focusing on sites and apps with users who are high-end camera owners. The HipGeo API should let photo sites, for example, add location automatically to user photos based on the image’s timestamp, allowing pictures to be displayed on a map, like in HipGeo’s own application.

As to why the L.A.-based company is doing this, HipGeo decided to open its API for the same reasons Twitter did: in order to reach more potential users. “The benefit to HipGeo is new members, new sources of user generated content, greater reach, more social opportunity for existing users, and a more granular geographic footprint,” said product chief Rich Rygg.