Not just for grown-ups: Kids also wishing for iPads and iPhones

On Thursday, Nielsen released figures (s nlsn) indicating holiday desire for Apple’s mobile products knows no age limits; six- to 12-year-olds cited the iPad as their most desired consumer electronics product for this holiday shopping season, with the iPod touch and iPhone coming in second and third.
Of the roughly 3,000 U.S. respondents to Nielsen’s survey, 44 percent of kids aged six to 12 listed the iPad as their most desired electronic purchase in the next six months; 30 percent wanted the iPod touch (a more reasonable request for a kid?) and 27 percent were after an iPhone. The generic “computer” was next-closest, with 25 percent, tied with non-iPad tablets and the Nintendo 3DS.
The iPad made a huge leap from the 2010 Nielsen holiday survey, where it still took the top spot, but with 31 percent of respondents listing it as their most-desired device. The iPod touch was tied for second in 2010 with a computer, and the iPhone didn’t even rank in the top four, with the Nintendo DS, Sony (s SNE) PS3 and any other smartphone or mobile phone all beating it out. Apple has clearly done a good job of raising brand awareness with its youngest potential customers. That’s good news for its future prospects.
Nielsen also found the iPad was the most desired product among buyers aged 13 and up, with 24 percent of those ranking the iPad first, up from 18 percent last year, but the iPhone was further down the list with only 15 percent of respondents expressing interest in it, and the iPod touch trailed both with just 8 percent. Earlier survey data from other sources revealed the iPad is set to be among the most gifted devices this holiday season, and the iPhone is on many wish lists.