Today in Connected Consumer

Taking a page from the old Apple PR playbook, Spotify sent out invites yesterday to a press conference on Nov. 30 where it promises to reveal “a new direction for the company” but was otherwise coy on the details. The invite says Spotify CEO Daniel Ek will be on hand, along with “special guests,” again unnamed. Any guesses? Peter Kafka at AllThingsD speculates that Spotify could be planning to announce an MP3 store to complement its streaming service, but since it already has one in Europe I’m not sure that qualifies as a “new direction.” Others speculate that the service might be adding other types of content, such as movies and e-books (we probably would have heard about rights deals being negotiated), an acquisition of some kind (with what?) or new carrier and device partnerships (maybe). Whatever it is, my guess is it will involve leveraging the recent Facebook integration, which would at least qualify as new-ish.