Poll: Samsung Galaxy S II ad; offensive or fair play?

If you haven’t seen the latest Samsung Galaxy S II advertisement, you’re missing one of the most controversial conversations going on right now. The video spot takes clear aim at Apple (s AAPL) iPhone buyers, causing some iPhone owners to be offended by the ad. Here it is, in case you missed it.
Personally, I find the ad to be humorous, as it’s poking fun at the reality of iPhone frenzy when each new model arrives: Long lines of customers still reading and researching what Apple’s latest handset can or can’t do. On the flipside, I see where Apple fans could feel slighted. But — and it could just be me — I’ve felt slighted by Apple’s own commercials.

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The company has been running┬áseveral┬áspots that start out with the line, “If you don’t have an iPhone…..” The ads then go on to show all the things you’re missing out on by not owning an iPhone. I get that. However, I always come away with a feeling that the unfinished beginning sentence could be answered with “… you’re an idiot.”
Anyway, we’ll all have different thoughts on this one, making for a good poll. Regardless of whether you use a phone from Samsung or from Apple — I use both, by the way — what’s your take on this ad? Has Samsung gone too far, or is turnabout on Apple fair play?