Live Blogging Black Friday

I am going to be linking to stories, stats and other random factoids over next day or so, tracking Black Friday. If you would like to share stories, just leave them in comments or share links with me on Twitter (I am @om on Twitter.)
12.45 PM: Akamai retail traffic up 76% (from 2010) on average at 9PM EST last night: Thanksgiving might be star of the shopping weekend.
12.39 PM: What gadgets and gifts are going to be hot, according to Red Laser. iPad seems to be leading.
8.26 AM: Channel Advisor Early Read on the market:

Here are the early results:

  • Overall Thanksgiving 2011 is trending 15% higher than 2010
  • Marketplaces were up 14%
  • Search is up 13%
  • CSE is up 1%

Within marketplaces:

  • eBay is up 7%
  • Amazon is up 27%

Within eBay, some trends:

  • Auctions were down 37% (makes sense as Auctions are not a great format for holiday shopping – you want to know you are going to get something vs. waiting 7 days)
  • Fixed price was up 13%
  • Parts and Accessories were up 25%

8.29 AM: Obama 2010 gear is on sale today. Seriously!!!