Cleantech, meet connectivity: a new era of energy efficiency

When people think of cleantech, they typically think about solar panels or wind turbines or labs trying to convert biomass to oil. But the momentum right now in cleantech is as much about connectivity and how it can drive energy efficiency as it is about advancing sources of renewable energy, says Adam Lesser, GigaOM Pro Green IT analyst, in a new report for GigaOM Pro (subscription required).

So if cleantech had once been thought of as just the energy-generating technology that could move the economy off fossil fuels, the evolving concept of cleantech is about altering consumer behavior. This is done by accelerating the data that various systems have about those very consumers and using it to reduce consumption. Sunil Paul, the founder of venture capital firm Spring Ventures, calls this the “cleanweb,” and its one of the areas that is actually growing in cleantech.

To read the rest of the 10-page report, which covers car sharing and collaborative consumption, building energy efficiency technology, the smart grid, and electric cars check out “Cleantech, meet connectivity: a new era of energy efficiency.”