Today in Cloud

There’s been some coverage today of Cisco’s latest Global Cloud Index, which predicts that traffic to and from the cloud will account for one third of all traffic passing through data centers by 2015. Derrick Harris highlights the report’s interest in 2014, “the year cloud-based workloads will surpass traditional-data-center-based workloads in total volume.” Sean Ludwig pulls out some of the headline figures early in his piece, stressing that “global traffic generated by cloud computing services will increase a staggering 12 times by 2015 compared to cloud traffic in 2010, while data center traffic will increase at a less-showy-but-still-impressive four times by 2015.” With typical irreverence, The Register is quick to point out that “Cisco is engaging in a bit of marketeering by calling it a ‘cloud’ index.” They have a point; this is about far more than the cloud. Still, the numbers make for some interesting reading. Is your network ready to handle the load?