The latest research on telecommuting, via video

A few weeks ago on WebWorkerDaily we brought you the preliminary results of a recent, rigorous Stanford University study into the benefits of telecommuting, suggesting that even the most reluctant boss might be persuaded to allow you some location flexibility after looking at the findings. Now, one of the authors, Stanford economics professor Nick Bloom, has taken to YouTube to present his research results via video, meaning even the laziest among us can get the gist of the study without so much as putting on ou reading glasses.

In the nearly six-minute video, Bloom outlines the three main benefits of telecommuting for both companies and employees, including reduced need for real estate, improved retention and reduced or eliminated commutes. He also addresses concerns that the study, which was conducted in China, wouldn’t apply in the US, and also discusses what sort of workers get the biggest boost from working from home. Check it out below.

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Image courtesy of Flickr user ishane.