A universal declaration of workers’ mobile rights

The era of command-and-control IT is coming to an end. Workers are no longer shackled to slow, ugly hunks of plastic and metal, their productivity dulled, along with their spirits. Ubiquitous and affordable mobile technology is breaking the chains that bind workers everywhere.

This “Universal declaration of mobile rights” is a manifesto for workers in the new age:

1. All workers are born free and equal. It is the tools of past eras that have enslaved them. Release them from the manacles that restrain them and their productivity.

2. No distinction shall be made on the basis of rank or organization. It is the inalienable right of every worker — from the mail boy to the CEO, in a startup or Fortune 100 corporation — to possess the means of production to excel at their job.

3. There is more than one route toward mobility. Companies may issue these devices, or they may allow employees to bring in their personally owned smartphones and tablets.

4. Employees and organizations must march toward mobile activation together. Both parties have a common interest in ensuring that company mobile data is managed and secure.

Want to read more? Visit www.MobilityManifesto.com and download a copy of the new book, Mobility Manifesto: Transforming the Enterprise, from Sybase, an SAP Company.

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