Getty adds news and fact-based clips to its video library

Over the last several decades, Getty Images has amassed a pretty huge library of video files for its customers to license, in addition to the photos and music that it provides. But most clips have been the kind of stock footage you might expect from such an agency. Now it’s mixing things up a bit, adding some newsy and fact-based clips from content partners.

Getty has signed on by Bloomberg, the American Museum of Natural History, MacNeil/Lehrer Productions, Barcroft Media and Boston public broadcaster WGBH to license their video content to its customers. With tens of thousands of new pieces of content, That brings its total library to more than 825,000 video assets. More importantly, however, it brings a whole new type of video to Getty’s customer base.

While it might seem like newsy clips would have a short shelf life for a stock footage library, Getty’s director of video partner development Karen McLaughlin told us in a phone interview that the company is seeing a lot of demand for fact-based material. Demand is coming from documentarians and educators, among others, who wish to use footage from iconic moments and historical events.

Since Getty shares its licensing fees with partners, it provides a potential new revenue stream, particularly for content that might not seem timely after it’s filmed. And for those looking to accentuate their content, historical news or scientific clips can provide some additional weight to their films.