Today in Social

Spotify announced its platform API that will enable developers to build apps for its own desktop application. Not mobile, yet. And Spotify has no Facebook Connect-like syndication strategy, so this won’t do much to attract new users or lock Spotify in to developer partners. Music industry analyst Mark Mulligan says music itself should be the API, and that’s more like what Napster and Rhapsody tried, in a limited fashion, a few years ago. That is, developers could use those services to play music on their own sites. Sure, this is a smart move for Spotify to add functionality (lyrics, concert info, reviews) to its app with limited work on its part. But there’s limited reward for developers – 10 million users and no revenue sharing isn’t that attractive. And come on guys, Rolling Stone? That’s barely a music brand these days, and certainly one that’s pretty irrelevant to young fans. At least Pitchfork is making playlists, too.