Batteries are burning: Recall covers two brands of iOS battery cases

There’s trouble in extra power land: Two types of iOS (s aapl) device battery cases are being recalled for overheating issues. One could burn, and the other could catch fire, according to their manufacturers. The issue has affected both bargain brands and market leaders, but luckily, incidents are relatively rare and getting your money or a replacement product back if you have a problem gadget is easy.

Mophie’s Juice Pack Air for the 4th generation iPod touch is one of two battery cases being recalled. It can, in very rare instances, become so hot it can potentially cause burns to a user. Mophie says it only happens in very rare cases, but the heat is enough to deform the case in many more instances. If your product has a serial number starting with TR113 through TR120, you’re eligible to receive a replacement product, which you can get following the instructions found at Mophie’s replacement website.

Best Buy’s (s bby) in-house brand Rocketfish is also having heating problems with its battery case for the iPhone 3G and 3GS. The situation is a little more extreme for those accessories, however, as Rocketfish is saying those overheating issues could in some cases lead to a fire during the charging process. There are 14 reported incidents on record, some of which include minor property damage. Affected owners will be reimbursed with a gift card for $70 or $105 depending on whether they’re located in the U.S. or Canada, respectively. Check your eligibility and find directions for getting your gift card at Best Buy’s recall site.

If you’re a battery case user, you already know they tend to get hot, but in both these cases the situation is going beyond the average levels of heat and into dangerous territory. Had any incidents with the products described above? Let us know in the comments.