The big machine: how the Internet of things is shaping big data

Even relatively conservative forecasts predict there will be 50 billion connected devices online by the end of the decade. Over time, the majority won’t be laptops or phones but rather machine-to-machine connections from network infrastructure, sensors in cars, appliances, health care monitors and the like. They will produce data that needs to be combined and analyzed alongside structured data, application logs, customer info and social media streams. Already today, companies across multiple industries and government agencies are struggling to harness the sheer volume, complexity and variety of the data generated.

In this webinar, we will look at the various kinds of machine-driven big data, how to develop an analytics and usage framework for them, and how companies can use this data to run their businesses.

Some of the topics we will discuss include:

  • Where machine data fits in the big data ecosystem
  • How to identify the low-hanging fruit — practical, near-term benefits from data analysis
  • How to integrate machine data with heterogeneous sources and databases
  • How big data analysis is changing the role of IT and business management

This free analyst roundtable webinar, hosted by GigaOM Pro and our sponsor Splunk, will take place on Dec. 7, 2011, at 10 a.m. PST. Register today.

Image courtesy of Flickr user Jason McHuff