4G LTE trials make for happy UK consumers

We know that the U.S. is already leading the world in 4G LTE connections, but that won’t last long. Other countries, particularly in Asia, are expected to have more LTE subscribers as soon as 2015. Over in the U.K.,¬†Everything Everywhere and BT Wholesale have recently begun¬†LTE trials and this video from T3 shows not only the speeds the network is handling, but also how consumers are reacting to the technology.


Two things that jumped out at me: One consumer was juggling nine devices on a single 1 Mbps connection, which is certainly less than ideal. It’s also an extreme case, as most people use just a few connected devices, but the trend is leaning towards connectivity in everything.

Second: BT is looking at using LTE for home broadband connections through what it calls a “Home Hub.” Here in the U.S., we’re heavily focused on LTE as a mobile technology and not one for the home. Either way, LTE looks like a potential win for the U.K. and borders beyond.