Galaxy Nexus first look video and impressions

The Galaxy Nexus smartphone I ordered on Sunday from the U.K. flew through customs and arrived on Thursday afternoon. I haven’t spent too much time with it, but the little time I’ve had with the first Android 4.0 (s goog) smartphone has been most impressive. The best way to put the experience? Android has finally grown up.


In this brief video, you’ll see a quick unboxing and overview of the hardware. Short of the 5-megapixel camera sensor — which isn’t all that bad so far — and the lack of memory expansion, Samsung has a hot handset on hand. The dual-core processor and 1 GB of RAM keep things moving, and the 4.65-inch 1280×720 display is excellent. You can see for yourself as I demo an HD video trailer and some of the many Android 4.0 features and functions.

Since I bought the unlocked GSM version, my Galaxy Nexus works on both AT&T (s t) and T-Mobile’s networks. If only more phones did. I tested T-Mobile’s service already and saw a 9.4 Mbps download, 1.7 Mbps up and network latency of 89 milliseconds. LTE it’s not, but I’m happy with these speeds. I’ll throw an AT&T SIM in over the weekend and share the results in my full review.

I neglected to show the Galaxy Nexus size as it compares to the iPhone 4S (s aapl) and original Nexus One, so here’s a still image of all three.