The weekend review: connectivity and consumers

This week’s top articles reflect a continued focus on connected consumers and devices — specifically, connectivity in cleantech and in health care. Jody Ranck’s “The Internet of things: creating the health care of the future” looks at the growing role of connected devices at both the consumer and industry-wide level and how these devices may be used to collect and contextualize medical data. Adam Lesser’s “Cleantech, meet connectivity: a new era of energy efficiency” examines cleantech in the context of the consumer market, citing specific examples from car-sharing (Zipcar, Getaround) to smart utilities (Nest and Best Buy’s recent entry into the home energy market). With this in mind, it’s not surprising that our “Connected world: the consumer technology revolution” anthology remains a popular report, with contributions from Ranck and Lesser as well as additional insights from others into consumer products like the digital music, e-book and data regulation sectors.

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