Clean energy hits $1 trillion of investment

Global investments in clean energy and energy efficiency have officially passed the trillion-dollar mark, according to Bloomberg New Energy Finance. It’s like the recent 7-billion-person mark, but for energy geeks!

The Bloomberg NEF team has been collecting records since 2004, when there was $52 billion invested, and say the annual growth rate of clean energy investing has been 29 percent, with $243 billion invested in 2010. The timing of the trillionth clean energy dollar coincides with the latest United Nation climate talks in Durban (COP 17), which seemed to be mired in the usual stalled negotiations.

So which company got the lucky trillionth dollar? Bloomberg says while it’s hard to tell exactly, the investment probably happened over the last two weeks of November, and likely occurred in the developing world. Potential contenders include Rhodia Energy, China Huadian Corporation, Mexico’s Marena Renovables Capital, German biodiesel maker Petrotec or the Valley’s own electric car maker Fisker Automotive.

Bloomberg NEF expects the growth in global clean energy and energy efficiency investing to continue and will publish “record territory” figures for 2011 in early 2012. Compare this bullish news to all the focus in the U.S. on the bankruptcy of Solyndra and a lost $535 million DOE loan, and it’s clear the picture has been slightly (OK really) warped.

Image courtesy of 401K.