The smart grid acquisition tally to date

One of the most high-profile acquisitions in the smart grid sector was announced on Monday: Siemens finally made a meaningful play for smart meter data and scored eMeter, one of the leading smart meter software companies. For the occasion we have pulled together our recurring smart grid acquisitions list including the new ones we’ve seen in recent months. Per usual, ping me if you see any we’ve missed:

Acquirer Acquired Price, date Trend
ABB Ventyx “Close to $1 billion,” March 2010 The Swiss electrical gear company adds on smart grid software.
ABB Epyon Undisclosed, July 2011 ABB moves into electric vehicle charging infrastructure.
ABB Insert Key Solutions Undisclosed, Dec. 2010 The Swiss electrical gear company bought a share of the German solar concentrating company.
ABB 35% of Novatec Solar Undisclosed, March 2011 The Swiss electrical gear company bought a stake in concentrating solar gear.
ABB Obvient Undisclosed, Jan. 2011 The Swiss electrical gear company adds on more smart grid software.
ABB Powercorp Undiclosed, Nov. 2011 Power company snaps up the Australian renewable power automation company.
Alstom UISOL Undisclosed, March 2011 The French power giant acquired UISOL, which is a key player in the open-source demand-response standard OpenADR.
Alstom & Schneider Electric Transmission and distribution biz of Areva $3.25 billion, July 2010 The two power giants team up to buy Areva’s T&D division.
AT&T Xanboo Undisclosed, Dec. 2010 The U.S. telecom giant will buy decade-old home automation and energy management Xanboo.
Black & Veatch Enspiria Undisclosed, March 2010 The consulting and engineering company beefs up its integration capabilities.
Cisco Richards-Zeta Building Intelligence Undisclosed, Jan. 2009 Cisco buys up building and IT networking system.
Cisco (equity investment) Grid Net Undisclosed, Sept. 2009 Cisco invests in smart meter maker Grid Net, which has a first product built on WiMAX.
Cisco Arch Rock Undisclosed, Sept. 2010 Cisco finally showed its smart grid wireless card by buying up Arch Rock.
Constellation Energy CPower Undisclosed, Sept. 2010 Power company Constellation Energy plans to fold CPower into its demand response portfolio.
Cooper Industries Eka Systems Undisclosed, April 2010 Cooper folds Eka’s wireless network product into its automation system.
EnerNOC Energy Response Undisclosed, July 2011 EnerNOC grabs a demand response provider in Australia and New Zealand.
EnerNOC Cogent Energy Undisclosed, Dec. 2009 The demand-response player moves into energy efficiency business.
EnerNOC SmallFoot Undisclosed, March 2010 The demand-response player buys wireless tech for small commercial buildings.
EnerNOC eQuilibrium Solutions Undisclosed, June 2009 EnerNOC adds on energy and carbon accounting software.
EnerNOC MDEnergy $7.9 million, Sept. 2007 EnerNOC buys energy procurement service provider.
EnerNOC South River Consulting $4.75 million, May 2008 EnerNOC adds on more energy procurement and risk management.
EnerNOC Global Energy Partners $26.5 million, Dec. 2010 EnerNOC keeps expanding beyond demand response with Global Energy Partners acquisition.
EnerNOC M2M Communications Undisclosed, Jan. 2011 EnerNOC keeps expanding beyond demand response and buys a company that turns down agriculture systems.
GE Remote Energy Monitoring Undisclosed, Jan. 2011 GE bought up smart meter tech startup Remote Energy Monitoring.
GE Opal Software Undisclosed, Oct. 2010 GE buys Opal Software, which makes software and services for smart grid network testing and management.
GE Converteam, 90 percent $3.2 billion, March 2011 GE decided to shell out the big bucks for the French supplier of electrification and automation equipment.
GE Lineage Power $520 million, Jan. 2011 GE acquired Lineage Power, a provider of gear for data center and telecom power conversion.
GridPoint V2Green Undisclosed, Sept. 2008 The smart grid company adds electric vehicle smart charging.
GridPoint Lixar SRS Undisclosed, June 2009 GridPoint moves into home energy management.
GridPoint ADMMicro Undisclosed, Nov. 2009 The smart grid firm tackles energy from the commercial and industrial sectors.
Honeywell Akuacom Undisclosed, May 2010 Building automation giant buys into open-source demand response OpenADR.
Honeywell E-Mon Undisclosed, July 2010 Building automation giant buys into submetering gear and software.
IBM Tririga Undisclosed, March 2011 IT giant IBM buys Tririga for its smart building software.
Itron Asais Undisclosed, Dec. 2010 Smart meter maker buys data analytics and services.
Johnson Controls EnergyConnect $32.3 million, March 2011 Johnson Controls bought software-assisted demand-response company EnergyConnect.
Motorola 4Home Undisclosed, Dec. 2010 The cell phone maker and communications company buys the home automation and energy management startup.
Qualcomm HaloIPT Undisclosed, Nov. 2011 Qualcomm jumped into electric vehicle wireless charging by buying up New Zealand company HaloIPT’s assets.
Schneider Electric Summit Energy $268 million, March 2011 Schneider bought the energy procurement and energy management provider.
Schneider Electric Telvent $40 per share, or $2 billion, June 2011 Schneider bids for a company that provides software and IT capabilities for the power grid.
Schneider Electric Luminous Power Technologies $310 million, June 2011 Schneider scores 74 percent of the Delhi company, which makes power grid gear like batteries and inverters.
Schneider Electric Vizelia Undisclosed, Dec. 2010 Building energy software maker.
Schneider Electric D5X Undisclosed, Dec. 2010 Building energy software company.
Serious Energy Valence Energy Undisclosed Serious Materials bought energy software company Valence Energy for its building energy management product.
Serious Energy Agilewaves Undisclosed Serious Materials expands its energy software with home energy management.
Siemens eMeter Undisclosed, Dec. 2011 With one of the biggest moves for the smart grid in 2011, Siemens gets into MDMS.
Siemens Site Controls Undisclosed, Oct. 2010 An Austin, Texas–based maker of software to optimize air-conditioning based on occupancy sensors.
Siemens Energy4U 60% stake, Aug. 2009 The electrical gear company adds on software for intelligent metering and billing.
Siemens Solel $418 million, Oct. 2009 Siemens made an early move into the solar thermal market.
Silver Spring Networks Greenbox Undisclosed, Sept. 2009 Smart grid network player jumps into home energy management.
SmartSynch Applied Mesh Technologies Undisclosed, Nov. 2008 The smart grid network maker buys a competitor to grow.
Trilliant SkyPilot Undisclosed, May 2009 Smart grid network maker acquires wireless mesh network maker.
Tendril Grounded Power Undisclosed, Oct. 2010 Tendril bought Grounded Power for behavioral analytics.

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